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Hi All,

I am after a list of the major timber or farm shows in the US for 2020. Hopefully, the forum has a list here somewhere. Would appreciate it if you could mention some major shows just to make sure I have it on the list.

We are planning to get out there into the US with our products bigtime (looking to attend around 10 shows) in 2020. 

This year we were going to the Shootout but as it's been put off, we've decided to go to the Ozark farm fest (October 4-6) and the Sunbelt Expo (October 15-17).

Our criteria for attending the show is to have an Automated mill ready to cart away. 

We will be offering a 10% discount (on any automated mill) along with training at the show if anyone one is keen to purchase in advance and suggest a major show near them for us to attend.


Bruno of NH:
Northeast Forest Expo
In 2020 its in Essex Jct. Vt
It's in May 
Good show you will see many forum members 

Empire farm days in seneca falls new york. Not sure when 2020 dates are. but 2019 is aug 6-8

New york farmshow Feb 27-29, 2020

ny farmshow is more inside and less outside since winter in February in NY can be a bit harsh :) Woodmizer is usually setup outside with a booth inside.

Bruno of NH:
I have a FF show and milling gathering at my Mill in May
I invite some local folks also with some radio coverage from a sports radio show I gest host on.
Would like to see one of you mills run

Stuart Caruk:
I'd love to see a swingblade mill in action near me. I've honestly never seen one, but I'm cutting soem large beams on my Woodmizer that are problematic. A 12" x 28" beam requires a Fir log 32" minimum at the small end. To get a 34' beam requires a 35ish foot log, and that is typically 53" give or take on the fat end. It won't fit through the uprights of my mill, so it requires a lot of trimming, even if I buy top $$ temple logs with minimal taper, they rarely fit.

Seems to me like I could set up a swing blade mill, and saw off a bunch of lumber, flip the log and do it again, and then throw it on the mill to bring it to size. I don't really want a huge breakdown mill, but a swingblade mill that can be set aside when not needed would be a good asset to have around.


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