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2018 Turbosawmill standard frame!


Here it is, our 2018 upgraded Turbosawmill frame.

Standard for all models. M6, M8, M10 and now the M12.

V-V base skid design.
V-V upright post design with adjustable rollers.
Upgraded horizontal sizing system with repeat stop.
Single end horizontal crank gearbox.
Single end vertical crank gearbox with drill attachment.
Larger extendable tube connection.
Duel configuration option. 20ft and 26ft. Extension provided standard.
Laser cut quick release swing stop.
Heavy duty ATV transport wheels now standard.
Pre assembled frames for easy assembly.

I really like the gearbox for the horizontal movement.

Man, I liked the looks of the Turbosawmill before, but that's nice. Someone send me one for Christmas ! LOL


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