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Warrior 12 swing-blade

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Jake, tell us about the saw blade, do saw that size require tensioning. ?? Frank C.

Hi Frank,

Yes these blades are pre-tensioned. We are using a special tooth design to mitigate resonance build up. Also using very narrow kerf with our machined Turbokerf design. Its a six tooth to reduce bite impact. Weve also tweaked hook angle to also reduce pull down.

Was very impressed with full 12 cuts without bounce in some rough looking poplar.

Nice vid  , its slow enough to see the action.


--- Quote from: drobertson on November 28, 2017, 06:57:11 PM ---Nice vid  , its slow enough to see the action.

--- End quote ---

Video's playing a trick on you.  It doesn't do enough fps to capture the motion in full.   Kind of like a strobe effect.   The blade is actually turning much faster than it appears to be.

 Did you design this blade with replaceable teeth, bolt on?  I recall some discussion of that when you were putting forth info on the new thin kerf blade.


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