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Do you rate it as portable?  My 10 inch Peterson WPF is in my humble opinion barely portable.   And let me also add that it does not like the extra height of a Ford superduty 350 truck.  I have to use my aluminum trailer.

 All of the principal swing blade manufacturers offer videos with the saw head carriages being whisked around like little wheelbarrows.  I would say my 10 inch is more like a devils wheelbarrow, with a lead butt in the form of a very powerful but very heavy 35 hp engine.

I have never see one like that on a rail.

Id call our M6 and M8 portable. Our M10 and M12 a better term would be mobile. Takes around 15 minutes to lower the mill onto our trailer ready to roll out. Same attachment can be used for all models.

I do not expect to ever own one, but am curious. What is the maximum size board you can cut with one?

With this model you can cut 12 planks with ease (2 cuts).
You can cut slabs up to 24 wide by double cutting.
You can cut 61 slabs using the attachment slabber.
You can cut any width slab by flipping the log once.


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