Started by Chuck White, January 29, 2019, 07:11:55 AM

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Chuck White

To all the folk at Nyle, Thanks for becoming a Forestry Forum Sponsor!
~Chuck~  Cooks Cat Claw sharpener and single tooth setter.  2018 Chevy Silverado and 2021 Subaru Ascent.
With basic mechanical skills and the ability to read you can maintain a Woodmizer  LT40!


I welcome this sub forum. As a Nyle 200 owner who's yet to use his for its intended purpose, I hope to learn as I go.

doc henderson

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Welcome.  You guys have better than excellent products and I run them with no mercy.  Of my two Nyle kilns that are operating as I type, both have been running virtually trouble free 24/7 since the day they were installed.  Well over a million dollars of wood through them.  

I've talked to Stan so many times on the phone through the years I think I would recognize him if I saw him.


Take steps to save steps.

If it won't roll, its not a log; it's still a tree.  Sawmills cut logs, not trees.

Kiln drying wood: When the cookies are burned, they're burned, and you can't fix them.

Sawing is fun for the first couple million boards.

Be smarter than the sawdust


Stan has been very helpful to me.  My L53 is a little wood drying beast.
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Thanks Guys

Yellowhammer, I don't think so. You never say Hi when I'm following you.LOL
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Just call me the midget doctor.
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