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Started by OlJarhead, November 30, 2023, 01:26:57 PM

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Just finished my 3rd loaf this week for a big party we are having this weekend.
This one is a JalapeƱo Asiago Sourdough  😀




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  I don't think that is going to work. You better just send it to me so nobody else finds out. ;) :D digin1
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I've never made sour dough bread, but I use sour dough bread on tomato/ham sandwiches when working in the woods.  :)
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Looks great.  we used to make bread like that but now are bread machine zombies.
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 Been pumping out authentic Sourdough loaves here for 15 years now. Never run out of or have to buy dry yeast.  During Covid when dry yeast was hard to find for a spell my starter made it all the way to Boston through different people passing some along. Started using a dutch oven a few years back and really like the results. Remove the cover with about 15 mins left of the cook time to brown and make crustier. One loaf pictured has the everything bagel spice mix sprinkled on top and the other is plain. The dough is made up using the stretch and fold method instead of kneeding. Let it rise till doubled and then refrig 18- 24 hrs and up to 4 days occasionaly for really tart and tasty bread. 

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