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Battery grease guns

Started by Crusarius, May 08, 2023, 05:15:05 PM

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No mess at all, you just open the bleeder screw and when the air stops popping and the little string of grease comes out the bleeder hole, you wipe it clean and you're good to go. Only sort of mess was when I put it on a clogged up Zerk and the grease came out the front of the pressure relief valve, but again - you just wipe it off and you're good. Much cleaner than manual guns.   


I still have grease all over, no matter what gun I'm using🤷
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Just backing up what the others have said at this point but the M18 is money well spent. Primes easily enough and doesnt wear me out. I ordered a locking tip and found it doesnt get into most of the grease points on my skid steer. Bummer! Even without it, I grease things much more often and have been for several years now. I keep it in the original case with no mess at all. Quick wipe when Im done and good to go. Just dont forget to grab the roll of paper towels before you start. Keep things slick and they will do ya right!!
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I'm a believer in the M18.  I love it.
I use LocknLube tips, but they can be a pain.
Is there a better tip I should try that will screw onto the M18 hose with no adapter?  I didn't like the stock M18 tip, some of my fittings are worn and the stock tip would slip off.  The LocknLube stays on, but is too combersome and too large to get to some zerks, sometimes.  

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After reading this topic the other day I borrowed my dads Milwaukee grease gun. Used it on a few machines around the mill.  I'm throughly impressed.  I'll be buying one.  
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I use a manual I've had for over 30 years. I bought a cheap new one once for some reason, that was garbage, not up to standards. Due to cheap off shore manufacturing. My original one has had no issues priming at all. I'm not doing large amounts of greasing either because I don't have a bunch of equipment. Biggest problem I have is running out of grease or not having a spare tube on hand. :D
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I have a 20v dewalt gun and it has made my life so much easier it self primes and you can use it one handed while you hold the hose with the other


    I have a Milwaukee now, had a Lincoln for years but got ran over. They are so handy , you use more grease and do a better job doing it. Great invention.

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