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Meeting a forum member, almost !

Started by VA-Sawyer, May 19, 2005, 12:55:53 PM

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There are some really neat sounding people on this forum. I've even met a few of them myself. This time it was a little different, I didn't get to meet the member, my folks did !

A little background..... My dad is an avid skeet shooter. He was a member of the European Champion team back in the late 60's. (We were stationed in England at the time.)  Anyways, the military is holding their National Shoot in nothern Mississippi this week, and my dad is competing in it.
My mom travels along on these trips because she enjoys their 5th wheel RV. I talked  on the phone a little with her on Monday morning and she did mention feeling a little disconnected from friends and family. ( no email  ;) ) I dropped a note to CKTATE to ask exactly where he lived as my folks were in his area.  A few emails and phone calls later, he had made plans to stop by and say hello to them on Tuesday. He took along his folks and they all spend about 4 hours visiting and cooking out, having fun etc. I got an email from CK and a call from each of my folks telling me what a nice time they all had. Charlie invited them out to his place for dinner last evening. Dad called me late last night to tell me again what a great time they had visiting.  I heard all about the catfish pond and how fast those fish would make 5 gallons of feed vanish. Mom couldn't believe how Kim could work up on a roof all day and be ready for dinner.  Thank you again CK for going out of your way and showing my folks such a nice time.
What makes this so unusal is that I have never met Charlie in person.  I'm not even sure if he goes by Charlie or Chuck or even Charles ! My dad calls him Charlie so I'm doing the same till told otherwise. I can't think of any other forum where you can trust the people like here. Thanks to Jeff and the members for making it that way.


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We had a GREAT time and that's a fact.  What I 'really' enjoyed was listening to your dad and my dad talking and telling stories about your dad's military career, and my dad's stint in the navy. :)  And your MOM, my goodness the other night she made the best Potato Salad that I have EVER put in my mouth! :)

Last night we  all went to Tupelo to eat supper and you need to ask your dad about all the 'low calorie' desert they ate.  LOW CA LORY MY TAIL!!!!!!  They had a buffet where we ate and they LOADED THEIR PLATES down, complained constantly about all that desert not tasting good because it was so good for them and low on sugar (BULL), and they ate every BITE!!!  They EACH had four or five different kind of desserts on their plates. :) 

When we got back here they came in to visit some more and so we could exchange email addresses and phone numbers.  Your dad said he hopes they have the shoot here again sometimes in the future and I DO TO!!!!! 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet them.

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