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Solar battery chargers

Started by Walnut Beast, July 30, 2023, 05:25:58 PM

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Walnut Beast

Tricking the Diamond C gooseneck out and had these solar charger kits laying around and decided to put them on. The smaller one on now replaced a little one that came with and it  goes to the hydraulic jacks and tail. The bigger one goes to a 17.5 k winch and a couple sets of LED auxiliary lights. Still plenty of room to put 5k up on the neck if needed


I picked up one of those solar battery flashlights ( $25-50 and bout size of real small paperback ) . Puts out lots of lumens ( 50 or 100 or ... ) and I 'd use it for reading when out ( van ) camping or rv 'ing instead of burning the house battery.

then in the morning I 'd put it out in the sun for the day and by evening it was good to go for another few hours of reading that night.

worked well enough that they're Cmas gifts for cousins ....


Walnut Beast

Sunforce is the name of them. Coleman seems to have merged with them


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