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Dry storage of wet wood

Started by Vest, November 17, 2023, 09:34:29 AM

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So i am about to run a lot of wood through my moulder, the problem is it has ben raining non stop the last couple of weeks so the stacks are super wet. I run a lot of deck boards in the  moulder but it wont run wood that are wet on the outside. In the  summer i  let it sit for some weeks and then run them through but that won't work now. i got a small kiln i will use for "drying" with low heat but i am thinking about building moveable sheds that can help keep the stack dry in place.. a piece of tin wont do it i think, has anyone build something that might work?


This located in Denmark? 

Maybe a car shelter would work for your moveable shed?

What will the wood be used for after running through the moulder? Has it been on stickers for air drying, and if so, how long? 
south central Wisconsin
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It is yes.

i have been thinkin about a tent/shelter too but the stacks are 4-5m  long, so it will end up looking like a campsite around the  yard and it is har to fit more than on stack in on i guess 

I mainly make decking, but also som T&G and some siding at the moment. It has been on stickers and air drying, some of it for weeks and some for years... 

i might try some tarps with some risers in the middle and weight on the side tomorrow..


The ambient humidity is the key. An unconditioned shed won't have much lower humidity than the outdoors typically. 


I built a lumber shed 30'x50' with 14' ceiling, both sides are open with shade dry curtains to keep out rain and sun. Works very well to air dry lumber before it heads to the kiln.
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