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First Time Maple Syrup 2024

Started by NewYankeeSawmill, February 10, 2024, 01:31:51 PM

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Welp, I'd thought about it a bunch of times, but this year I bought some tubing, taps, and buckets, OMG do I have buckets....
We had one good stretch of appropriate weather over 2 days and I got 12 gallons of sap. Boiled it down to 3 pints of syrup!  ffcheesy  ffcheesy
Yeah, not exactly cost effective, I think it cost me about 10 dollars an ounce? LOL! NEXT YEAR it'll be cheaper, I've got all the buckets now!
Another cold snap headed our way, I left the tap's in, we'll see if there's a second round!

- K



Welcome to the forum
What state you live in?
The wife and I did it one year. No more then 15 buckets. We had a ball doing it. 
I did it in a very small scale.
maple syrup 2014 - top of sap boiler - The Forestry Forum Gallery
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Thanks cfarm. Moved down to East TN about 8 or 9 years ago. Outside Knoxville.

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