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Wild Fire 2024

Started by Riwaka, February 20, 2024, 02:55:23 PM

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German wild fire unit.

REBO is introducing the FLM 2000 for the first time. With this front-mounted extinguishing unit, equipped with a water cannon, it is possible to use the REBO Rack as a protected and even remote-controlled fire engine. The REBO Rack FLM can be equipped with different launcher sizes and up to two launchers. The system is controlled via ISOBUS. This system was created in cooperation with the company AWG Fittings and the company Agribumper. The REBO Rack Steel Buddy travels on tracks from Zuidberg.


That's quite the rig. Are those explosives to to put out the fire also? 


Not sure.

There is leftover ww2 & training UXO (unexploded ordnance) in parts of Germany. Water cannons appear to be used to keep fire staff and machinery away from areas where hot uxo may be present and potentially cooking off. I would not want to have a Pulaski to cut a fireline through those areas.


40 000 acres of farmland and forest burnt so far in a wild-fire west of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia with hot strong winds from the desert regions expected in a few days time.

Belly tank helicopters on the job.


A few hours left of bad fire conditions in Victoria. They did have 100F (40C) and winds of 60mph (100km/h) at the end of the day. Obviously a hard task to keep the 50 000 acres burnt so far of the Bayindeen Fire contained. Reports of flare ups outside the containment lines and new fires starting elsewhere. 

The catastrophic conditions occurred over a wider area than anticipated (as reported by automatic weather stations)

There is video of Skycrane helicopters with both bucket and belly tanks operating. 


Everything is bigger in Texas, it appears including the wildfires.


Australia's Victorian Country Fire Authority conducts water drop tests from the saddle helicopters. Their first test drops in 10 years.


Great, I will consider installing them in the near future


Anyone have info on wildfires in Virginia? Have a falling mod call to go over. 


Deciduous leaves burning in spring. Also burning structures. Claim of fires started by out of control burns and tree branches etc falling on powerlines then into leaf litter etc.

Thursday vid update


Last nights rains will have put the stopper on the fires in the Shenandoah.  I was just outside Quantico, about 100 miles from the fires, and it was very smokey.  
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Quote from: nativewolf on March 23, 2024, 12:18:04 PMLast nights rains will have put the stopper on the fires in the Shenandoah.  I was just outside Quantico, about 100 miles from the fires, and it was very smokey. 
That's good to hear. The guys are on the way over.  I'm sure there's enough fire weakened trees to keep them busy for a bit.

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