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1010D Crane module

Started by sebasbeaudoin, May 05, 2024, 10:04:11 PM

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Im new on this forum. Don't trow me rocks plz. I just purchase a John Deere / Timberjack Forwarder 1010D 2005. I do have persistent issue. I would like your help to diagnostic.

At the beginning I had crane speed / control issue. Changed one of the joystick / calibrate / adjusted  by the dealer. Now run as new corect speed and all movement works.

But after this story fixed, still have a trouble with losing the Crane module communication.

In fact it's happening when you clam wood and all the sudent I loose all hydraulique control on both joystick.

Sometime it come back after a couple seconds, but most often I do have to shut down the engine. When I restart all good to go, for another couple minutes until it stop again and again.

Any Ideas ?

Appreciate the community support
Hakki Pilkie 37 / John Deere 1010D


I haven't ran JD/Timberjack machines, but it sounds like you have either a direct short, bad connection, or a broken wire in your electronics. You'll have to dig into it more to figure out which.

 Which error codes show? Just the crane module communication?

 I have had modules go bad before that made some goofy things happen, too.
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