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Started by Kirk_Allen, July 16, 2005, 06:38:51 PM

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There is no need to say 'unleaded regular gas'. It's all unleaded. Just say 'regular gas'. It's not the 70s anymore. (At least that's what my wife tells me.)



Well Kirk
Before ya get the passport out........
the rest of the story is these laws are not enforced, by and the letter. the only guys who get reamed, generally are the deadbeats who people complain about or guys hauling a load w/o proper papers.
Most enforcement agents dont know all the rules..I just goota know before I get involved...........

Did you under our state law it is illegal to transport wood or brush from another location .and burn it on your private property,
or to burn trash in a barrel???
Try the I.E.P.A They go and do as they please w/o warrants or probable cause........

As horselogger said,  tree service is utterly exempt(from enforcement standpoint)
Try reading the fish and wildlife code some time.....If want to see some rules!!!!
It is illegal to hunt raccoons in season on private property if you arwe not in the company of some form of dog.......chihuawa? :D :D :D


What is sad about the coon hunting thing is just last year I hunted with one of the DNR game wardens.  We hunted coons, at night, with flashlights, 22's and NO DOG!   ;D


Well, Kirk, you do not even need a flashlight to hunt coons around here.  The wife has been feeding them on the back porch for the last two weeks.   She has even been waiting up until this momma coon arrives just at late dusk.   she then crawls on the kitchen floor, over to the sliding glass door to take to the momma and three babies.  I do not know if Alice has named the babies as yet, but I suspect it will be sooner than later.  Alice is even leaving the porch light one and has put a special spot up so as to get better pictures.   They only let you live with them, right? :(

The DANG coons are eating better than me.   :-X
Frank Pender


What is your wife taking to the coons after she crawls over to the door?
south central Wisconsin
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We have tax on lumber here - but it is pretty small - small enough that I don't remember what it is. There are rules that have to be followed. You must have a permit to cut most trees. This is to try to prevent poaching of trees. As wood is hauled from place to place, you must have an origin permit too. However, it isn't expensive.

The fees pretty much cover the paperwork. The rules however are probably stricter on harvesting trees here than in the USA since the number one export of Costa Rica is tourism. No trees, no tourist.

If you are harvesting trees on your own land to build a house or something - you don't need a permit. There are some species that you are not supposed to cut but for the average person it isn't a problem since they are nearly extinct. If the tree is dead or dying, no problem at all.

The Ticos react rather strongly to new taxes. Anytime some lamebrain politician comes up with a way to tax them more, they strike and pretty much shutdown the country. Any time the politicians dream up a way to tax, they first have to consider that the people won't want for the polls to complain - they will do it even before it becomes law.

The current mantra of the common folk is this: Become more efficient and remove all graft - then talk to us about raising taxes. Prove that you are good stewards of the taxes you collect and we might consider an increase - until then - no!

So, how did I end up here anyway?


Can you point me in the direction where I can read the whole Illinois law.  Indiana is looking at Illinois tax with envy.  They may try something here. I am very interested in what they can do with the money and how it is to be spent.
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Beenthere, she is taking her voice and camera.  She will lay there and talk to them.  I have asked her if they talk back and all I get is, "Stow it!"   I checked the dish at daylight this morning and ever littlle kibble and bit is gone.   She is even leaving a dish so that the coon can wash its hands and it does wash is hands while eating.
Frank Pender


My uncle feeds a bunch of coons every night , he can walk wright out with them . 8) A few scratch on the door them he gives spice cake one or two even come in . He says if a storm is comming they will come early. He even powders some for flees 8) Said they will get use to you . I think some of them live in the top of his shop :D :D
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Ron Wenrich, don't even try that bridge thing here :D Streams a.k.a. "riparian management areas" are considered holy ground. The bureaucracy involved in building a bridge, even on private property, is mind boggling. A skidder operator crossed one more time than was allowed on the timber cutting licence at a designated crossing. The provincial inspector checked for tracks. He was fined along with the sub, the main contractor, and the mill. :o
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I wish all these posts on taxes were in a different area of the forum, I'd hate our politicans to read this stuff and get ideas :(  things aren't too bad down here YET.
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