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Total of our experience-Logging and working in the woods

Started by Jeff, June 27, 2008, 10:47:28 PM

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Quote from: NonSequiturFarm on October 11, 2023, 02:07:11 PMNew here on these forums but a head of white hair so not really new. Been heating with wood exclusively since 2010. Learned how to use an axe and a chainsaw in 1979. No mill... yet. But I have 25+ acres of mixed hardwoods on the farm, a 130 year old wooden barn needing repairs, a 130 year old cottage and 24 weeks until official retirement. So I am here to learn from all of you.
That hits home. In 2003 I put in a firewood furnace and my gas bill dropped from $369/mo to $27 because I was still using a gas cook stove and water heater. The gas company thought I was stealing gas somehow and they went from reading my meter to estimating and changed my meter three times in 8 months. I never paid any of the bogus bills and kept track of all the readings and total usage. I filed a complaint with the PSC and they tried to blame new billing software. Funny thing is when it first happened they called me and asked if I had made any changes to my hvac and I said yes I no longer use a gas hvac system.

After the PSC they came and changed my meter one more time and said I didn't have to pay the past due "fony" bills. I told them they were bogus and I have pics of all the meters they pulled and the proof of what I used and to remove the past due from my credit history or I was going to take legal action because they wrecked my credit report. And yes they cleaned it up because I also filed a report with the state attorney general and two days later it was all gone.
DB in WV

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