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River tour--log drives

Started by sprucebunny, September 12, 2004, 04:17:54 PM

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Took a little tour in a little outboard boat on the Androscoggin River north of Berlin NH. The paper mill was built in Berlin in 1867. On the river above the mills there are small manmade islands about every 100 yards. They are out in the middle; each one is about 15 feet square. Some of them you can still see the cribwork that held all the rocks in a pile. Several of them still have the ramp on the upstream side that kept the logs from hangin up. When the drive was on there'd be chain and logs streched between the islands to seperate logs that belonged to different mills.
These cribs are visible in the river for about 15 miles north of Berlin up towards Lake Umbagog even up above the Pontook dam.
I tried to find out when the last river drive was but can't.
Here is a link with pictures of the river and some great log houses they built about 5 years ago
(edit) Last log drive 1964
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Looks like a great place to visit when travelling NH. We used to travel down there quite a bit back in the 80's when we stayed at dad's uncle's camp near Exitor. We always had an excellent time. :)

You should post the site down in the Travel Guide subforum for all folks to find. ;)

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