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Kathys sink

Started by Larry, September 11, 2004, 02:32:29 PM

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Or it could be called the sink from hell.

Kathy got this sink maybe 20 years ago with the intention of putting it into our new house.  The sink had a couple of cast iron legs and was supposed to bolt directly to the wall.  Well we built the house few years later and the sink got left out. :D  She then suggested that I put it in our downstairs kitchen but somehow it got left out again. :D  When I started the new shop she again suggested it would go in there great.  I flat ran out of usable excuses this time so I figured I might be able to get it to work. ???  With the high back splash I had to put the windows up an extra 5" to get clearance.  Of course the sink needed a new faucet so a quick trip to Lowes and they told me nothing in stock like the old faucet but they could order me a new one for $210.  Finally found a little old plumbing shop that had them in stock for $30.  Of course the base cabinet had to be shorter than normal to put the sink at the right height.  Also had to make a little extra something to get the right spacing from the wall.  The day for the grand installation came and I dropped the DanG sink knocking off about a 2" square of porcelain.  Nother trip to Lowes for  a porcelain repair kit (Bondo).  Few more trips to Lowes and I finally get all the parts to plumb it.

Well it's in to stay now and don't think it looks to bad.  Cabinets are all home grown red oak.  Still got to run crown moulding around the upper cabinets.

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Looks great...!  Well worth the trip.  At least you've got a story to go along with it.. ::)
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Boy that sure turned out nice Larry, I really like some of the old time style sinks. Ones now days are not designed for doing I'd know. ;D


That is a neat idea and some real nice workminship.


Me thinks Kathy will have to hear that story for a LONG time to come :D Nice work so many on the forum,we make do with what we have...or what our wives have ::)



That's the shop ?!?  Wonder what the "good" kitchen looks like?!?  :D  Great job!!
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Nice job, Larry.  That sink will make a good cleaning station for washing your hands, cleaning brushes or the odd greasy part :D :D

I see you have planned ahead for the times you will be spending more than a few hours in your shop.  Sure beats a dog house :o
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Nice job!  But I'm have nice cabinets and a sink in your shop?  Wow!   I'm impressed. 8)  Everything in my shop gets covered with a fine wood dust....even all the woodshavings on the floor! ;D
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Looks good, Larry. I love those big old sinks. We have a big 3 section stainless steel sink that has been installed and uninstalled a few times. It is in storage right now, but I have just the spot picked out in the basement for it.  ;D    It works great for cleaning the big pans and tubs we use when we butcher.
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NICE sink
wheres the dirt and dust in that shop?


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