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Road Apple:
Trouble with Eaton/ Hercules winch 1991 230A, want to winch in, with lever in release mode. It kinda just did this no warning no troubles just started not wanting to release. Some reason it usually is fine the 1st few hrs then it starts bothering. If the transfer in gear it will winch while trying to move forward in release mode. I've been told it may be the disc got oil on them and it's causing it to drag. I don't know set up for sure but it will winch in while in release mode till it stalls the skidder or breaks a choker. That's why I myself think it's hydraulic related thinking the clutches should slip before snapping a cable. I've already checked and cleaned the poppet valve's it's not that. I'm wondering if its in the valve bank to winch itself? Again after an over night some mornings it's worked like it should?  Any info would be appreciated.

It is either a seized drum bearing, or hydraulic valve bank problem. The brake is obviously stopping it rotating the drum in the mid location, but not the freespool position.

Look to see if the clutch pressure plate is pushed left under clutch hydraulic pressure (or check to see if there is hydraulic pressure at the clutch line) when the control is in the mid or freespool location. You can see if the pressure plate is loaded because it won't touch the limiting nuts through the pressure plate. If you have constant hydraulic pressure to the clutch, it is a valve bank problem.

If you don't have constant hydraulic pressure to the clutch, and it still winches, it's bearing failure.

Road Apple:
I went and cracked the line to the side that activates the winch while in free spool and no fluid came out so I took the  gaurd off the drum and the bolts with sleeves going through the pressure plate? Had about  a 1/8 of an inch of sleeves showing while in release mode.

Road Apple:
What am I in for when replacing the bearing, do I want take the winch out will anything else need attention? This really had no warning and sometimes was working fine. I haven't been able to run it much time since it started till the point I couldn't stand pulling my guts out to get the cable to come out. Thank you very much for your help, I searched winch trouble then found this site and joined it  in hopes to get some help figuring this out.

The difference in pressure plate location between free and engaged should be 070". Generally the nuts through the pressure plate are touching in the free and hold position, and only show the 070" when winching.

If you have no hydraulic pressure during freespool or mid location, it is not the valve bank causing it to winch in.

To replace the drum bearings, you have to remove the winch. Stand it on the gearbox end and remove top (right) side first until you can lift the drum off the shaft.


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