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I would like to start a post for all cooks owners to show modifications they have made to all cooks products. I have made several changes would love to see what everyone else has done.


Cooks sawmill sharpener tooth counter - YouTube

So here it is for about $70 I made a tooth counter with auto shutoff for my cooks. Works great good modification all you need is a micro switch, 110vac relay(omron L2Y ), digital counter(omron DH48J), push button sw. and toggle sw. no more marking the blade or watching the weld go around. Just adjust the grind and hit the reset and forget. wonder why the manufacturers don't make this as an option.


@bushhog920 Awesome hack.  I don't sharpen blades (yet) so i can't comment but it looks to be a time saver.

the lowest the blade would go before hitting the hard stops was 1" and I cut my boards 1" minus kerf so always had that one full 1" board and the rest .910". .090 shim under the bunk caps fixed this.
noticed I could vary the height of the pointer on the scale as much as 1/8" when i moved my head up and down so I put a level mark on the rear post and round magnet to use as a rear sight to keep the same sight picture everytime.

When trying to fine tune the debarker hydraulic advance and return speed I could tell something wasn't right I'd adjust one flow control and it would change the speed for the other direction. Slowed the return down then the advance would not advance. I found parker N600 needle valves on each end of the cylinder this will not work there needs to be a check valve to bypass the restrictor so adjustment can be made in both directions. I replaced them with Parker F600 ( 600 for 3/8npt ) flow control valves and now i have full control in both directions. These would also work great on a grapple the opens/closes too fast. Hope this helps someone out 





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