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As good practice we do internet searches for all things Logrite.  A couple of months ago a Logrite arch appeared on an auction site.  It was advertise as a logging arch.  Curious we opened it and found a custom arch we had done.  This was no logging arch! (and certainly a buyer beware situation)

A couple of days ago, a gentleman called and said "I saw one of your arches on craig's list but I can't find it on your website.  Can you please tell me what it is, a little about it and would it be a good buy?"  Before he could finish I knew what it was but asked for pictures to be sure.  Here are the pics he sent:



Here is a pic in our shop before it left:


We were approached by a company to make a giant arch.  It was not going to be used for logging but as a harness for a secret project.  So the arch was very tall and did not need to carry very much weight.  Being so tall, the arch does not have a good center of gravity and the hubs are only rated for 2000 pounds like our midsize arches.  I cautioned the gentlemen and being a welder he decided to buy it.  I hope it all works for him.

Here is a video for the secret product(no longer secret) the arch was to harness to keep from falling during its testing phase:

zinc oxide:
Wonder when the company will change its name to Cyberdyne Systems?

I guess that thing will never be sneaking up on someone!

Id be surprised!

Looks like they have made some refinements.


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