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We sometimes get tools back from our powder coater with blemishes or we encounter a manufacturing mistake that can be fixed but is not cosmetically acceptable.  We have always sold them to walk-in customers or FF members who were aware these items existed.  

We have decided to post them every Wednesday on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

We have also decided to sell items we have decided to no longer carry.  Whether that be a color or style of RiteLeg leg that we are no longer going to stock or other items we have sold like straps/slings, Truck claws, etc

All items are either being discontinued or tools may be blemished but nothing that would change their performance so all warranties still apply.

So if you want to check out this weeks Backroom Bargain follow this link to our Facebook page

While you are there remember to like our page.  ;)

For us that don't do Facebook is there another way to see whats listed?

I think she also posts it on Instgram.

You can call.

This week she posted a 60" cant hook and a log stand.

Erik A:
Not in the habit of going on social anything but this site!! Hopefully there is an alternate way to find out about the specials !

We have always offered scratch and dents to FF members if the called and identified themselves as members.  

Facebook is just the way the new young girl in the office has chosen to move them.


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