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Hello All!

Tammy has gotten several requests in the past from FF members inquiring about "scratch and dent" Xtreme Duty Logrite Tools. We currently have a few Xtreme Duty 60" Cant Hooks available for 15% off due to cosmetic imperfections. We wanted to offer these tools to our loyal FF customers before making the deal live tomorrow on our social media pages!

If you are interested please call 800-631-4791 x1 to order one before they're all gone!

Aw rats, I missed it! Well, the boss probably wouldn't spring for one right now anyway. We like the peavey we have.

I keep watching for you guys to make the cant wrench we've talked about before.... I seriously need one.

Only by almost a year


--- Quote from: Jeff on March 24, 2022, 05:01:10 AM ---Only by almost a year

--- End quote ---
Yep. I should have been on here more, and I might have seen it.  :-\

I currently have 3 Xtreme Peaveys available.  If you need a cant hook we can change it.


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