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New member getting into cutting my own lumber

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Finally had enough of the lumber prices and ordered myself a new HM126 with one section of trac extension for now. I'll be sawing primarily Doug Fir and Spruce from my property with some Madrone and Oak mixed in. I did not order additional blades with the purchase figuring I would stop here first and look for a popular source. I will be setting the saw up behind my shop with a shed roof coming off the shop wall and I have a spare 3 wall shed I can move in for stacking and drying. Gonna be a while before delivery so I have plenty of prep work to get done.

doc henderson:
congrats and welcome

Thanks, looking forward to learning another skill to keep this old fart busy.

Welcome. This is a great place to learn.

Welcome to the forum.
Now you need a Logrite cantdog or peavey to turn those logs. Sponsor on the left, nice people, made in the USA.
And you won't have to wait 6 months for it.  ;)
No idea what you will use for a base to put the mill on. Mine is on at least a foot of gravel. My feet are always dry and that mill has never moved.


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