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HM 130 Max Woodlander Bed Length

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Just curious if the longer bed on the HM 130 Max is worth the extra money (just over $1000 more). I would think maneuverability would be also harder. And handling the longer logs would also be more work. The smaller bed only goes to about 10'4". The larger to 16'11". Some say that 95% is 8' logs. Can a person charge more for longer logs? Just looking for some experienced feedback. 

I have an HM 130max and I sprung for the extra set of rails to make it 16' at purchase.  I am considering lengthening it again as I want some big beams for my drying shed.  Most folks with a rail run of 16-22 feet or more are not really into moving it around.  So I don't know what to say about maneuverability.

It also comes right down to your needs/desires and logs that you can source.  Sure, most logs are 8-12 feet.  I guarantee you that everyone who has a 10 foot run has had a time where they wish they had 16ft. Going from 10'6" to 16'11" is only one extension at $489.    Even if you build one outbuilding using 16ft boards, the extension will have paid for itself.

Longer boards don't really sell for more and if you sell by board foot instead of dimension size, you won't suffer.  What you will hear the experienced guys say is that whatever you have in stock, that ain't what the customer wants.  :)  

When building dog houses or backyard chicken coops you rarely need long material.
When building houses or large barns 16 and 20 footers are sometime needed.
Your answer is it depends on what you are sawing for.

Thank you. The Woodlander at 16'11" with longer trailer is about a grand more. But I see your point. Thinking I may go longer for that reason. If the shorter one would have encompassed a 12 footer I may have stayed smaller, but I think I would be doing 12' +. Thanks again. 

Get the extension, especially if youre ordering your mill now.  Shipping is much cheaper than two separate shipments. Youll be glad you have the extra length. Nobody ever said gee, I wish Id gotten shorter bed.

Good luck, and enjoy your sawing adventure. Its fun, useful, and the learning never stops. 8)


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