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Finally close to having new mill up and cutting!


Hello everyone,
Well I'm just about ready to start milling my own wood. I purchased my HM 126 with the 14 hp motor and track extension back in Oct. 2021, but delivery was delayed for several months due to Covid, etc.. On top of that I had some health issues that further delayed me getting my new mill set up. I'm a one man operation and I put the entire mill together with no help other than my tractor.
Currently I just have to finish leveling my track and I will be cutting, however, I do have a question, has anyone used synthetic oil as "brake in" oil for the motor? I'm fine with using synthetic except I usually don't use it until a motor is broke in due to concerns with the rings not seating properly. I would appreciate any feedback anyone has to offer. 
Hope everyone is doing well, I will post pics as soon as I figure out the glitches I'm having trying to post them.
Best wishes to all,
Agman55. (Jeff)

I would definitely use standard oil for the break-in as you need positive seating of the rings and also change the oil at half interval or earlier to get the metal shavings and assembly lube out of it.  After that, definitely synthetic for the obvious reasons and as it will handle cold winters a lot better.  

Thanks for the input, that's what I was thinking but wanted to verify it. I've always heard that synthetic just isn't good for breaking in because with its coating properties the rings just don't seat like they should. Thanks again!


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