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Worlds Oldest Tree


Article on an Alerce tree in Chile.

 ‘It’s a miracle’: Gran Abuelo in Chile could be world’s oldest living tree
100ft alerce has estimated age of 5,484, more than 600 years older than Methuselah in California

Weird. In the past 3 days, on various social medias, I've seen 3 different trees claiming to be the oldest on the planet...

I thought it was the Pando in Utah at ~80,000 estimated years:

Though it is more an organism than a tree


I remember reading about the Pando and its root structure.  Not surprising as I have seen roots grow together on other plants.  

No one knows for sure and I really don't like the idea of drilling cores out of the trunks of trees.  Its *DanG old, leave it at that.

I swear that the prickly ash thickets on our farm have been around since the glaciers retreated. :D


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