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I may be in wrong board, so please excuse me if I am!  Does anyone have any experience with tree shears that are mounted on skid steers.  I have a John Deere 323 E that I use around my farm.  I'm looking at tree shears to thin several acres of pines and my head is spinning after looking on line at all the different name brands produced.  I'm going to be thinning 5 year old pines with an average diameter of 4-5 inches.  I cut about 5 rows with my trusty Stihl 024 chainsaw, unfortunately that left me down in my back for 2 weeks, so, I've got to do it differently!  I know that they probably don't make shears as small as my trees, but, something in the range of 12-14 inches that won't break the bank would work well I think.

how about a Stump Bucket For Skid Steer Quick Attach
under $1,000

take out the tree and its root

I have been thinning out Norway spruce trees the past several years. Do not have a skidsteer, but neighbor had a shear on his ss and wanted me to try it. Was designed to rotate so cutting off the tree at the ground and then snipping it into short lengths is what I did. Worked for me, but left a lot of trees to remove.
Also tried digging up the trees using the tractor FEL forks. That worked okay but left a hole and side roots to take care of some way before it would be fit for mowing.
What has worked the best is the TurboSaw. Flat to the ground, carbide teeth, quick, and saves the back. 


TurboSaw - Google Search

i have a turbosaw for my bobcat 331, 8,000 pound excavator
works good
now have to rotate the carbide teeth
they are held in place with a bolt that is an allen head
wish they where torx head

Ron Scott:
One of my contract loggers used a Skid Steer with a shear head to thin a pole size red pine plantation. With a skilled operator, it worked well cutting the marked trees down and between the rows. 


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