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First 10 hours hm130max with trailer

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 Thought I should share my experience in case anyone might be interested. Assembly was tough by myself and definitely helped having a tractor. The winch works really good and also the lap siding is awesome although I should have installed it at first assembly. For me the manual was difficult to follow but got the job done. I also really like the new pv boards and like having 2 and also the toeboard works great. The flat side of large logs can get stuck on the log stops when youíre trying to roll using the winch so it helps to stick a taller board against it. I also have found the log wizard extremely helpful for keeping the blades sharp. Definitely helps to have electric start for larger logs as well as the pull cords out of reach if itís raised. The quick log clamps took a while for me but once I realized the tightener needed to be facing a certain way that helped. Also going below and then raising the head to the mark seems to keep it from sagging. Hope this helps someone 

Log stops. I see they go straight up and down. 
I put marks on mine, 4-6-8-10 inches. 4 inches is really 3 inches, 6 is 5 inches and so on. Takes the guess work or wondering if I will miss the stops. Set the head for 6 inches and the stops at 6 and I know I have an inch to spare.
This really helps cutting flitches. I can support-hold them better.
Have fun sawing!!!!

Yes, thatís an excellent idea. Iím also going to make a few permanent marks on the ruler arm. Iíve got a lot to saw so Iíll add as I go, anything I notice that I havenít heard already on the internet that might be useful or helpful 

If you slide some longer PVC pipe over your log stops then you wonít have to worry about the board falling out when youíre trying to roll the log.

Iíve seen that in a YouTube video but concerned it might not be strong? Some of the logs Iíll be milling will be max or close and the flat will be riding quite a bit higher than the stop. I cheated and used the tractor on the last one but the board worked just fine when I used the winch and only needed it to stay in place for the flip. 


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