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I've got a multi trunk ash shade tree in my yard that I had to take two big stems off as they were overhanging the house. As you can see there is a tall snag left. Appearances are no concern but question is, will the tree likely live longer with the snag trimmed closer to the ground. 

The tree is about 90 years old and doesn't appear especially healthy but it still provides good shade and I'd like to prolong its life.

 s life as long as possible. 



Apologizing for double posting the one photo but I couldn't figure out how to delete it.

Any D shaped holes in the bark? Is the crown dying? Bark coming loose on the trunk? 

Crown looks good, no d shaped holes. There is a dead spot below the bark on one side of the trunk I'd like to keep about a foot square. Decades ago I cut a large branch off that side that had a conk on it. Basically it just appears to be an old tree in slow decline.

EAB hasn't been reported within a hundred miles so far and I'm not really concerned about the old trees health other than what may result from the stem removal. If it does die it's just more firewood, not threatening anything but I enjoy the tree and it's shade. Plus it has morel mushrooms under it every year. I've kept a couple small hickories and black walnuts around it for back up when the tree does die but I'm hoping that won't be during my shift.

I don't believe the snag will affect the health of the other ash tree.
 If they are of no danger to you and your house then it is a fun thing to watch a snag turn into habitat. If you don't need the firewood if let it be. 


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