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Harvester Chain 3/4 cutters breaking.

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c greenham:
Hi All,

Having issues with the saw chain cutters breaking on the bottom side of the saw chain. 

Any one have experience with this and have suggestions of a possible correction.

Thanks for your help.

Any pictures? I'm not sure what you mean by the "bottom side."

You should look for a bad nose sprocket, a pinched groove or misalignment with the bar mount.

Most large heads that use the 3/4 pitch chain have enough power to rip a chain apart if the chain is binding anywhere. Find out where the binding occurs.

c greenham:
The bottom side means, lower side of the chain towards the saw box bottom.

The saw drive sprocket is worn but the cutter bar nose is good.

How many teeth are you breaking off ? How worn is the chain you've broken them off ? I've done it before, noticed more on the "bottom side", always chocked it up to a rock or tougher wood. Are you knocking your drags way down ? Chattering in wood ? 

c greenham:
The chain is almost new about 8 cords on it, four cutters broken on one side.

The wood is all soft wood fir and spruce.  I'm wondering if its hitting the saw box but it doesn't appear to be as I cannot see any marks.

Would misalignment between the chain and the sprocket cause this issue?  It looks like the tip of the cutter bar is closer to the saw box then the sprocket end.

Thanks for the help.


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