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Purchase a Stihl HTA 135 Electric pole saw?

Started by dougtrr2, October 31, 2023, 09:08:31 AM

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I am considering purchasing a Stihl HTA 135 electric pole saw.  I would also get that funky harness.  I used a Stihl bicycle bar weed eater for years with the sling strap.  I finally bought the harness and regretted not getting it sooner.

I have a small, 8 acre, forest of hardwoods.  I would use it in the forest and keeping my power lines clear.   I also volunteer on the local rails to trails bike path.  There are a many places that would benefit from being able to trim higher and wider.

I am looking at the top Stihl because I think you get what you pay for.  I also believe that the pro level equipment has slightly better design that the homeowner grade.  I am considering the electric because of the nature of the use I would give it.  Make a few cuts, walk a while, make a few cuts, walk a while etc.  

Does anyone know the collapsed length of the saw?  The specs seem to only give the fully extended length.

Any input would be appreciated.

Doug in SW IA


I have the Stihl HTA 85, which is not a telescopic pole saw. I find it is better all-around pole saw than the telescopic pole saw I used to have. If I need to reach higher than the 12', then I use it while on my tractor and reach high enough that way. The convenience of not having the extra weight makes a big difference to me.
Find no reason to use the harness with the 85.
south central Wisconsin
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I am a little surprised at the lack of input, but then again pole saws are a different area of use.  The lack of input tells me that I am not completely off base in my thinking or use.  That is one thing I have seen on the different forums I frequent.  Ideas that are completly nuts get a lot of input, well thought out plans quite a bit less.

Thanks, beenthere for your input and also thanks to those that took a look.  Now to convince the wife.

Doug in SW IA


I have a Ryobi pole saw.
I have no idea about a Stihl.
I cut 4 inch limbs off with it.
I get about an hour out of a battery charge. But I am cutting big limbs with it.
Once I go through all my trees, I hope to keep up with it when they are only just starting to limb out.
It's not something I use every day.
Might be the only thing I own that I won't have 1000 hours on it a year. when most people only use it for 100 hours a year.
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I finally pulled the trigger and bought the saw.  I think it will be a good addition to my tree taming arsenal.  I did get the harness with the arm that comes over your shoulder and puts the connection point in front of your chest.  Done limited sawing so far, but I am glad I got the harness.  It is comfortable.  I only got one battery and I think for my use it will be enough.  By the time I run it down, I am ready for an extended break.  I am glad I got the extendable version.  For my use, I need that extra length.  

I just wish I had an assistant to follow behind and clean up the mess of branches I leave behind.

Doug in SW IA


Doug, what did the collapsed length end up? 


9'4"  So it does fit inside my Subaru Forester.  I have to fold the rear seats down and tilt back the passenger seat.  If it is in "straight" the bar almost touches the windshield and is just above the dash.  If I go diagonally I avoid dash/windshield problems.

Doug in SW IA


I'm not much into battery powered stuff - but I do have a Stihl Kombi package of weed trimmer, 145 degree hedge/branch trimmer, rotary brush sweeper, pole saw, and reach extender, that I have found to be a great help in keeping everything around my home and camp in shape.
It's only the 56 motor version (the lowest weight and hp) but it has all of the power I need and the pole saw attachment has been great to aid in keeping lots of branches and small trees up to 8" in diameter in check. I haven't fired up my 261 in a while now because the little  pole saw works so well for small jobs!
With the reach extender I can go up easily probably 12' or more - but it can be quite unwieldy the more off-vertical you try and cut at - so I try to use it mostly in an overhead position or stance.
The pole saw works extremely well and cuts fast and if you put it on the top of any branch and allow the weight of the saw and pole combined set the chain, it cuts amazingly quick and easy!
There is an option of a carbon fiber extender pole as well - but it was pretty expensive compared to the aluminum version - but there is a bit of weight savings there I'm sure for the cost..
Overall, of all of my Stihl tools - the Kombi deal saves me a lot of time, space (it breaks down into relatively compact size), and trouble (as I can easily carry 2 or 3 tools around at once) and I'm quite pleased as you can tell with how it all works and performs as a package!

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