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Ron Scott:
Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Mead Works With The Nature Conservancy

The Mead Corporation Foundation, together with its subsidiary the Escanaba Paper Company, will help to fund a forest ecologist for the Nature Conservancy. According to a formal agreement signed by leaders of all three organizations, the ecologist will "assist in protection and management of forestry resources on Conservancy property in the Upper Peninsula and assist in sustainable forestry strategies for other U.P. landowners."

Ron Scott:

Ohio Extension Hires More Staff To Serve Woodland Owners

Ohio State University has hired several new Extension personnel in the past year to work with existing OSU Extension program staff and the Ohio Division of Forestry to increase the educational assistance available to the over 330,000 private non-industrial woodland owners in Ohio.

OSU hires a few extension foresters, ODNR loses around 20 field foresters.  

The two aren't really connected, but still not a good trade :(

 swampwhiteoak  I was reading a post and your profile fits  The state forester that did my first American tree farm inspection. Were you preveously the Jefferson county Forester.

Nope, I work in NW Ohio.  Would it have been Jeremy?


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