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couple pics... post what your currently cutting

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 Nothing real special but figured I needed to post some pics as I don't very often, post what your cutting so we start a good "pic thread" !
This red oak is 25" at the small end and 54' feet long, pretty darn straight for its leangh, put my saw on it to show you a proportionate size...

   This white Oak is string line straight and clean as it can be, it's 26" at the small end and 29' feet long with a beautiful heart, it will go on the truck just as it is..



These are very little logs and lower quality compared to the timber on my upcoming big tract..
 There's probably a Baker's dozen  this big or bigger on this little tract, everything else on it is from 17" to 23" inch range but good white and redoak, poplar,ash and and couple lower grade species...

 Are Gumtree's worth anything? I've never cut them, they  don't exist around here but there's several big ones on this little track..

strait gum is good for ties, pallet stock and sewer lumber. it pays 360 here. i have sold big gum with a little heart for veneer but that market is hit or miss.

to wet to move on any tract is a couple from last winter.



so il logger:
Cut some pretty decent white oak today



Those are dandys for sure but the last two pictures make me rubbery man those are the kind you dream about very nice white oak !


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