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Lunch with a Goat.

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We needed to start somewhere, so since Tamiam kinda drug POSTONLT40 into our first test podcast, It was decided to drag him into the next one as well. :D 

In Todays Podcast

We talk about how POSTONLT4 became a Goat, (He missed my reference when I asked if he had been one since a Kid), sawmilling, fires, the weather, a potential alien invasion at the Brokaw's and a few other things. Hopefully you enjoy having lunch with THEE goat as much as I did. Thank you David!  :)

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I thought this went really well. It was actually in stereo coming through my head phones.  :)

I have a question, who had the most fun with this, Jeff or Poston ? Great job guys, thanks. Looks to me like Jeff has come up with another winner idea... 8)


--- Quote from: pineywoods on December 16, 2015, 06:56:42 PM --- Looks to me like Jeff has come up with another winner idea... 8)

--- End quote ---

He's a genuis but don't tell him.  ;)

Great idea! I think you both did a great job. This pod cast is a whole bunch like David's feelings on going to a pig roast in that you get a bit more of an idea of the folks you are associating with on here.
Jeff, you made a great DJ (or host) and the both of you talked like you'd been around each other forever.
Again, great job guys.


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