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Rock Not Centered

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I have noticed that the center of the grinding rock on my Catsclaw does not align with the center of my band.  The wheel is a little to the inboard side as shown in the picture.  I was sharpening some factory bands today and noticed that since the rock isn't centered, it grinds heavier on the inside teeth and lighter on the outside teeth, putting a slight slant on the edge.  Also, the set corner of the inside tooth gets sharper faster, generally one or two passes quicker, than the set corner of my outside tooth.  So I'm having to take extra passes to grind more material off the band to get the outside set tooth sharp.  If I take a very light pass on a factory band, it's clearly takes material off the inside edge of the gullet, while not touching the outside edge of the gullet.  It's got a little sticker saying its "Factory Adjusted, Do Not Adjust Motor" so is this normal, or should I try to adjust the center of the rock to the band?

Looking forward to more on this as I have a catclaw also.

I should have put his in the sawmill forum, for a little more visibility.

Check with @customsawyer.

   My catsclaw is on the other side. As the rock breaks down it gets close to center over the blade.



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