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Kasco WoodMaxx blades come in a variety of widths, thicknesses, and hook angles.
Those include the 10°, 7° and 4° hook angles.

Attached is a .pdf flyer showing the different configurations we currently offer.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Good morning. Wanting to know about how to go about getting some 144 in Long blades 7/8 spacing in the 10° and I don't know whether to go with 7 or 4° for the hardwood. I've got a 10 horse engine on my Mill would you be able to assist me. Thanks Mark

Welcome to the Forestry Forum.  I'm not sure this thread gets checked very often, so I thought I'd try to  help to start.

I use 144" .045 7° Kasco blades on my 9.5 hp mill for most things and they work well for me.  Sounds like the same thing you're looking for.  Kasco retail distribution is handled in the US (eastern?) by Richard at Cutting Edge  @cuttingedge  in WV.  They/he can help you probably.  

The 7° blades work well for me in most everything, but I would probably benefit from 4° for really hard dry oak and similar.  I haven't had the chance to try the 4's, but a lot of people on the forum like them for hard wood and really knotty stuff.  There have been a lot of discussions here on the subject, mainly found in the SAWMILLS and MILLING forum.

Once again, welcome to the FF.

 I buy all my Kasco blades from Cutting Edge. Give him a call, he will give you all the answers you need.  Here is his contact info.  304-878-3343  

@btulloh , if they are anything like I am then those people just have more favorite parts of the forum to check for things to read and/or participate in. For instance:I like the chainsaw part more than anything else but I do read and sometimes participate in other parts. The sawmills and milling parts just don’t hold my attention. But everybody is not the same. OP, you’ll find what you need on FF without a doubt, just keep asking for information and you’ll get good advice!


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