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Kubota M7060

Started by KWood255, March 26, 2021, 06:17:04 PM

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With the frost coming out of the ground, I was reluctant to run the TJ230 today, so I tried out the Wallenstein Skidder winch on my M7060. A little lighter duty then a Timberjack, but it's effective and easy to operate. I'm impressed! 


tacks Y

Nice looking setup.


How do you like that front grapple? Do you carry logs with it? I'm looking for a grapple for my kubota slv75 skid steer 
-2x belsaw m14s and a Lane circle mill.


Small scale logging those winches work great.
Model 6020-20hp Manual Thomas bandsaw,TC40A 4wd 40 hp New Holland tractor, 450 Norse Winch, Heatmor 400 OWB,YCC 1978-79


Same bucket i have.  If a log twists in it too hard itll bend the grapple clamp.  I braced mine under the cylinder and added a bar inside to carry longs lengthwise too
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Nice set up!  I'd like to have a winch someday, but for now the wood shows up, sometimes like this.... your grapple would make sorting this a bit easier! This single arm on pallet forks (with a 3rd fork tine) does not bad though.



The grapple works well, my only complaint is that the tines aren't quite as long as the bucket bottom, so it's hard the pinch a smaller single log. 


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How do you feel about the new model? I am looking for a Kubota tractor in good condition and at a great price, but I need help finding a great reseller. If anyone has any recommendations, please share them here!


I've only heard of that style bucket being called a stump digger. 

You guys with tractors be cautious with the underbelly. There's lots of expensive stuff down there with any "guarding" that's provided is only designed for soft crops.
Most have a pair of hydraulic/transmission filters and steel lines, and the loader valves and any 3rd function are very vulnerable as well. 
Do yourself a favor and lay under your machine and have a look. :thumbsup:


Take thecfarm's advice and cut your stumps real low, lop your slash real good and don't go where you shouldn't that's what the cable is for 👍


I recently picked up a Kubota tractor myself and it's been doing a fantastic job. Definitely check out some local dealers or look online for deals on used ones if you're after a good price. If you're anywhere near Denver or Fort Collins, that's actually where I found my farming gear. They offered pretty good deals and the tractors were in great shape, almost like new, so it was really worth it.

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Or fabricate some skid plates for the under side and the sides where the hydraulic and fuel filter are pretty vulnerable. .   That's what I did and I've never had any damage yet.  
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This has been a great tractor. It's used daily around the sawmill/farm. I would replace it with the same one if I had to. Too bad the prices have increased so much, like everything else it seems. 

I have zero complaints about any of the Kubota products I've encountered. 


You have a great tractor! 👍
I use my M9540 in the woods and other non traditional terrain without worry but I put together a front to back skid pan that will support the tractor at any 1 point.
I have just heard of too many guys (mostly forums) that have had expensive damage by the most insignificant little stick that managed to be oriented just perfectly to cause a leak, often going un noticed and running it dry causing way more problems than a busted fitting or dented/pierced oil pan or filter.
All the tractors pictured above are beautiful machines and will easily fill a light logging or "firewooding" for those of us not needing a full blown skidder (like me). My above post intent was only to caution those about the shortcomings of a modern ag tractor in a woods/forestry environment. They are not the solid cast iron underneath as the 50-60 year old Massey that you may have grown up with. 👍

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