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3000 or 6000 mile Oil Change

Started by red, January 08, 2012, 09:07:55 AM

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Fresh out of High School in 1982 I worked in a small Mom and Pop Auto Parts Store . . a customer asked for one quart of 90 weight oil so I brought him gear oil . . no he says he is looking for motor oil straight 90 weight. . sure enough we had a case of straight 90 weight motor oil 
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Haha that would quiet down that noisy lifter! Or bad rod or whatever else was going clunk😂
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I had an Oliver HG-68 crawler the rings were shot and oil pressure was low .Hercules IXK-3 flat head engine .Three quarts of 90 wt gear oil cured that problem until I rebuilt the engine .


Once, one of my buddies was down in Minneapolis visiting his dad. His Dad lived in the city, right in the Hood. Well my buddy was leaving town and he stopped at the local gas station to fuel up. As he was filling his tank, he said this big Cadillac pulled up on the other side of the pump. So this pimpin' looking dude got out and left the engine running, which my buddy said had a terrible knock. "RAP, RAP, RAP!!" My friend said he must've had a bit of a concerned look on his face, because the driver of the other car exclaimed, "Brutha says crankshaft!!" apparently in regard to the engine noise. He proceeded to explain that he had just gotten the car for a song, and he was going to add some 90 weight to it to quiet it down so he could sell it🙄🤷

 This was probably 25 years ago, but every time I hear an engine with a bad k ock or rattle, I can't help but think of, "brutha says crankshaft!!"😂😂
Too many irons in the fire


back aways I had a car with a particularly good ( ? ) oil pressure gauge.

after an oil chg it 'd read bout 40 till a few thousand miles later and the reading 'd drop to bout 35  = time for an oil chg and sure nough reading would be 40 again - then repeat the whole thing.

haven 't run across another gauge that sensitive and now I feel lucky if the warning lite works . . . .


 Over the years they had all kinds of dirty tricks to quiet noisey engines,differentials ,transmissions and  so forth .Three quarts of SAE 40WT with two quarts of STP or Wynns friction proofing took the rattle of a knocking rod at least for a short time .Saw dust in a noisy differential or manual tranny .None of these fixes worked for a long time but enough to pedal them off .


 My new vehicle recomends 20,000 mi. oil changes  :o.
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