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Walk behind forklift build hydraulic wheel motor help

Started by Rocks4U, January 07, 2024, 01:09:40 PM

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I built this walk behind forklift and haven since found several design flaws that need addressed. Wheel needs to pivot like a pallet jack so you don't have torque steer. And I used a forward reverse transmission for propulsion I have decided I want to go with a hydraulic wheel motor for safety reasons and I for the life of me cannot find one. So asking for help in that stand point.. small enough to fit inside wheel and then you have to have a hub to fit the wheel and have the torque match up to load size and tire size and get it to be correct speed for walking behind it... not to mention then trying to figure pump size. Any help welcomed also possibility with having motors on front 2 wheels but not sure how that would affect steering it. I'm guessing machine weight is around 1500lbs and I have picked up and moved 3500lb pallet of Portland cement on level floor but will used to primarily only pickup 1500lbs and be used on grades aswell. Thanks again






You will want to use a low speed high torque gerotor type motor. Use a tapered shaft with a tapered hub that the tire and rim will mount directly on. You can probably get away with using a hydrostatic pump from a zero turn mower. Surplus Center will likely have what you need.
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Thank you so much do you know where I could obtain information on figuring the size motor I will need also with the hydrostatic pump what kind of valve will I need to operate with or will the pump have a rod that you turn to go forward and backwards and vary speed? Thanks so much


Also fluidpowerpro have i read in the past you built a ride on skid steer? I need to find that article before becoming a member i couldn't ever find the post where you documented that?


Yes, I built my own skid steer but it was before I was on the forum, so you won't find any documentation.
I can help you size the components.
What HP engine do you have now? I assume it has enough power so that will be a good baseline.
Forward and reverse will be controlled by a mechanical connection to the pump. You will need a directional valve to control raise and lower on the mast.
Change is hard....
Especially when a jar full of it falls off the top shelf and hits your head!


Older zero turns and fairway mowers are a good source.  Lessco walk behinds had really good individual components before deere bought them, newer homeowner ztrs are a lot more integrated left side pump and drive, right side pump and drive aluminum housing junk.

Also tenant sweepers used a lot of hydraulic motors with variable displacement.  But you wouldnt get a tapered hub and integral parking brake.

Surplus center has gone way up on the stuff unfortunately.
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Look at the City, county, and state auction sites near you.  I see the mowers and similar machinery on sale here in Oregon on the state and GSA sites. sometimes they go very cheap especially the non-running parts type machines.


   If you want to come to wyoming I can make you a realy good on some fairway mower parts (free).
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