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Started by Firewoodjoe, February 18, 2024, 10:14:31 AM

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@skeans how do you cut thinnings without swinging? How do cut at all without swinging. Mine is 9 foot 3" and I still hit my tail hoses if I'm not careful. That's where a rubber tire harvester is nice. Reach and the way the boom sits by itself in the middle. I think about one alot. And forget about it when I go look at one. 


When we've thinned with a 200 sized machine you would you take your tree for a hole then use that single tree hole as your tail swing hole, you're not working at 90 degrees or swinging all the way around you work to a max of 45 degrees. I can tell you this with tracks on with 710 tires I'm around 10.5' wide on that 1270. As far as weight goes those 2054's were only 54k it's not a full shovel they were normally road builders or conversion machines that got used a lot, it make a TC 830 or even a 725 look heavy.


Yeah with tracks I'm sure you're wide. And weight is no issue at all. Machine body width and tail would be an issue. No way one tree would work for a hole here.  And it has to be a marked tree. Then you have to move enough to make 3-5 sort piles from one tree. Then the forwarder would be way behind picking up small piles. And we have bark slip restrictions starting soon. It would be a tight fit for sure. 


Lots of 803 and 853 around here. But it's tight in a thining. 


 I'm over due for a ride to the NEK, friend of mine knows this guy. 622B, not all clapped. I don't think it's too big ? You Westcoast guys see them, ODD machine out here. Guy was at 90, then 75, he's dropped again, downsizing I think. 


It's not too big, but look at that tail swing!! 😳 Clear cuts and landings. 


Follow your buncher around with that thing and you'll be rolling in money. Keep the wife in the forwarder with the baby. 


 It's like a Swiss army knife, I can process in the woods, buncher piles, or process on the landing. I don't see where a 703 / 753 has any advantages other than tail swing. It's also 5hrs from home, not giving up a kidney in trucking. Yeah I've had to tone down her plans of baby adventures already 🤦�♂️. 


I agree.  Tail swing, and boom are the biggest differences. As long as you're careful and have the room to swing I see no reason it wouldn't work good. 


 I don't see what the big deal is, you'd feel it when the tail hit the trees😁
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622 has a pretty good rep. Not sure what engine is in that one. Skeans keeps up on stuff more than I do, but there was one generation of Deere motor that was junk. Other than that I think they were all decent. Forgot which Gen it was but it had emissions stuff on it. If that's early 2000's then you're probably alright. The one I'm thinking of would have been 2010-2017 or so.
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Well I hope it's not a 2006 model. I have one. 

I know 04-05 would make about 10,000 hours if you got lucky. 


Question for you more knowledgeable folks, What's the difference between the valmet and timbco? 

Looking into an 03 valmet 530T with 370e head... 6.7 Cummins,  newer undercarriage, 9000hrs 


I don't know. But I know mine says valmet timbco and komatsu on the vin cab. Mine is a 05 415ex. And by looking at pics they look all alike. This one in the soo? 


Yes sir, that's the one. On my side of the border so saves some crossing fees/taxes.

Been going through the old threads, old vs new, lease vs buy, wheel vs tracks... there's an 04 1270d for sale at the mill just down the road.... Feels like I'm Damned if I do, and damned if I don't  ffcheesy My bush is dangerous, over grown with lots of dead standing and hang up widow makers, and I like living.


I'd be more scared of the 1270 than the valmet. Those rubber tired ones have a lot more electronics and such than the track machine. But they're still out there running. I guess I own a 1110D forwarder and it does have a total machine control. It's all a gamble. 

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