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Guess who's coming for dinner

Started by goose63, March 21, 2017, 12:56:41 PM

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Went over to the BILsto check on the dog's and that thing came after me.

One more time and it's the  food2  dinner table for him.
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Once would have been enough for me goose!


That is a terrible looking joker. 

I once went to a friend's house for mallard duck eggs.  I was bent over raiding the duck nest and a muted swan got me from behind.  The old swan drake or whatever you call the males gave me a "wing whooping".   My friend was rolling laughing.
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It's Weird being the Same Age as Old People

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Chuck White

Turkeys and Geese make good guard dogs!   ;D
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but the only one to eat goes gobble gobble  :D :D

Den Socling

I bought an old 8mm projector and a screen so that I could watch movies of our kids and old, old movies of my dad's from the '50's. My grandparents ran a poultry farm. There is a section where my grandmother was walking among 50 - maybe 70 turkeys. She was wearing overalls and to show off one of their turkeys, she grabbed one and held it upside down by it's legs. With wings and tail spread, the thing look huge. She looked tiny next to it.


The older I get I wish my body could Re-Gen.

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