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Hazy Accuset2 display.

Started by Dave Shepard, July 04, 2017, 02:34:02 PM

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Dave Shepard

My Accuset2 display had gotten to the point that I couldn't see anything at all during daylight unless I dampened the display. I didn't  know if that piece of plastic is replaceable or not, but I did know it wouldn't be on the fourth.  :D I remembered reading about someone polishing plastic Grand Cherokee headlights with toothpaste, so I figured it was worth a shot. It takes a bit of time, like ten minutes and several applications of toothpaste, but I'm happy so far. The entire screen is clear,  the right edge looks blurry in the pic, but its as good as the middle. I can read the screen in broad daylight, even with sunglasses on. You can see how bad it was on the far left, where it's almost white. I may give it another,  more detailed effort sometime when its a bit cooler out. I used Arm & Hammer Peroxide and Baking Soda, but I'm not sure that matters.

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Now you can go to Walmart or where ever they sale the sheets of Laminate.

Cut a small square of Laminate and cover your clean screen. When the Laminate becomes scratched and dirty, just pull it off and replace it.

This is what the Goat works.
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Dave Shepard

I think I have some of that.  smiley_thumbsup
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Is that the stuff they protect cell phone screens with?
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Quote from: trapper on July 04, 2017, 10:34:53 PM
Is that the stuff they protect cell phone screens with?

No but you could use it.
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you might check with the auto parts store for some chrome polish, it comes in a small tube. It will restore plastic lenses, there may even be some products now for head lamp cleaning, once it gets where you like put that cover on that Poston mentioned.
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John S

Which department in Walmart has that laminate?
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Al Miles

Mine does the same but not all the time. It's like there is moisture in the display, fogs up when it gets sun on the back of the control box. Not from sunlight shinning directly onto the screen.
Newer accusets have a plug in display but, alas, mine is older and I would have to desolder it from the circuit board.

Good idea of covering the screen with a protective.


One of the best way to do headlights and would work on this too is to take some super fine sand paper and use a little water as you are sanding it and you can buff all that stuff out and then spray a few coats of clear exterior polyurethane on it with regular size spray can. My mill is 10 years old with over 4000 hrs and my screen still looks clear as can be. The controls do stay covered when not in use. From the picture yours looks like it has been in the sun a lot.
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Quote from: John S on July 06, 2017, 07:42:46 AM
Which department in Walmart has that laminate?

Should be in Office supplies.
You can also get the cell phone screen protector where they cell the phone, music and all that other stuff.
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A lot of times, a good coat of high gloss car wax will help, although I've never tried it with an LCD screen. 

Also, if you put a pencil in an electric drill, and put some "swirl remover" car buffing wax on the eraser end, it will generally polish out most things.  The eraser makes an excellent small buffing pad.

I use this technique to take shallow scratches out of my safety glasses by putting the pencil in my drill press.  It's a lot like the dental tool you dentist uses to polish teeth, just bigger.....and less sanitary....and noisier....and would taste worse.....anyway it usually works...


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