Baker Products sells around the world!

Started by B@kerJB, December 07, 2017, 10:36:40 AM

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Baker Sells Around the World!

Baker Products finds itself with unique opportunities daily. We pride ourselves in providing the best experiences, equipment and service to all our customers. The Wood Industry is one of the most demanding industries in the world. Customers find themselves coming to Baker Products with specific needs for equipment to help their operations run to their highest potential. Whether it be the United States, Canada or abroad, Baker strives to help customers find the correct equipment for the Job. In the recent months, we have had the opportunity to work with several companies from abroad.

Itochu Corporation, a company based in Tokyo, Japan is the most recent international company to reach out to us for advice and equipment. Itochu is a company who is committed to the global good, which is obvious in how they operate within an array of business domains. From wood, food and clothing to metals, machinery and energy, Itochu has found itself as a successful company with over 7,000 employees all over the world!

When companies call, we look to deliver on all levels. Itochu is branching out to meet the needs in the fencing industry. To meet those needs, the Itochu Group was looking for machinery such as a 9-head resaw and Dog-Ear Machine. These machines will have the capability of taking a large cant and cutting it in to multiple fencing boards, then clipping the corners of those boards to give them the standard fencing appearance. Such machines are big and have special demands in designing, building and shipping.

The standard 9-Head Resaw is over 50-foot long. This provides a small problem for freighting this equipment overseas as the biggest container size is only 40-foot in length. Not a problem for Baker Products! Our Top-notch Drafting/Design team were able to design a split frame machine that can ship in two separate containers, bolt together to make a 9-head machine, which allows it to perform at the same level as any other 9-head resaw!

   When special needs arise, one of the best ways to communicate with our customers is with in-person interactions. Although we do not mind travelling and surveying our customers facilities, we invite all customers to our home base. We are very proud of the operation that we have here and invite all customers to Baker Products! A great way to start all business is with a tour of our facilities and a meet-and-greet with our salesmen and staff. This allows Customers to see the processes in the building of their future equipment, and also allows our salesmen to develop a personal relationship with our customers.

   Several representatives within the Itochu Corporation were able to visit on multiple occasions to discuss products, procedures and even test run similar material through the equipment they were looking to purchase. Visits like this have given our staff the opportunity to understand more about the Itochu Corporation, their needs, and develop strong relationships with its employees. Thank you to both Takayuki(Tiger) and Atsushi(Andy) for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit us and talk about our equipment.

        Baker Products is proud of the fact that we can work with companies in the United States and Canada, as well as work with various companies abroad. We are always looking for new customers as we continue to service the needs of our existing customers. We would love the opportunity to work with you and help you accomplish everything you are trying to accomplish. No job is to big or too small for our staff. You are welcome to contact us at 1-800-548-6914 or visit us online at!