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Daily Fabrication Thread

Started by mike_belben, January 29, 2018, 09:49:04 AM

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Too complicated but I like the cartoon.  Another idea was to weld teeth in the grapple jaws and grab the log loosely and twist.  Problem there is that I don't like to puncture the bark on good fresh pine or cedar, it lets in the blue stain and scars what might be live edge.  If I had not started this fummins project [spent the day needle scaling] I would start a tooth bar, thanks Mike, Doug


Mail me your fummims and i will mail you back a remote control hydraulic debarker! 
Praise The Lord


Well the flue bug hit my house. So I was home with the kids. Went out and welded this old bucket up. It's actually in good shape has two bushings that need replaced but it's broken over the years. I think it's the standard duty version. But it's makes a good spare. Two hose and a few bolts and it's on the machine and can fix the other one up. ☝️The entire jaw broke off and has held up well after a years worth of work so I guess it's still worth my time to fix it. It really doesn't take long to weld these up. The steel is very good material in these. and I haven't welded one spot twice that's usually when the steel started getting really stressed and won't repair well. I should take the time to plate these jaws. Repairs will prolly almost stop.


I'm pretty sure that is an SG-S, which is the heavy duty version. Yes, they are a good steel. Be careful welding around the pins, they have nylon bushings that you can melt.
Too many irons in the fire


I brought the trailer that we have been building home yesterday so that JMoore can paint it and we can add a deck.  I may haul it back to school to wire it.  The students could benefit from learning how to solder and run trailer lights.  I was using a ball mounted on a tractor fork to roll the trailer up onto my trailer.  It almost fit between my fenders, and I bent one of the new trailer's fenders a bit.  I was able to get it mostly straightened out.  Unloading it was quite a bit easier.

We will use 1" live oak to deck it with.  Bigger wheels and tires are coming.  These were some I had that we used to move it around on.  A good portion of this trailer was made from scrap, but we did use a new coupler, jack and fenders. 


I had to build a new box for my dump trailer, among other things on it.IMG_6106.jpegIMG_6108.jpegIMG_6110.jpegIMG_6111.jpeg

I still have to add wood sides, I guess they'll be rough sawn 😂.
First Time adding pictures to the new system, it seems I figured it out, now if I can remember how to do it next time. 


Well, don't that look nice!!!
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I am either in the market for a dump trailer or going to build one. that looks nice.

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