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Started by hpw12, March 19, 2023, 08:03:36 AM

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First post and a new owner of a woodland mills HM130MAX. I have subscribed to multiple threads to get updates when a new post is added.  I never receive any emails and have checked my spam folder for any updates, but nothing is showing up.  Can any one offer any help?
one minute short to my mill
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Good to see you posting and you have a sawmill now!!
There was a major update of The Forum.
Might have trouble with email notices for a while.
I myself don't check the box for this option.
I just keep checking in for replies. This way I can check the other threads too.  ;D
What's all the lumber going to be used for?
You need a Logrite cantdog or peavey. Sponsor on the left. nice people and made in the USA!!!  logrite_cool
You will like sawing.
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thanks for the response.....I have access to loblolly pine and one of my first projects is to build a sawmill shed.
also have white oak that I'm would like to use for some outdoor projects...entry gate, trellis and firewood shed. Would do the shoshugibon treatment for those.

agreed on the cant hook as I didn't get that when I ordered my sawmill.

 ok...didn't know that
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