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Definitation of a logger

Started by ouachita, October 11, 2010, 07:06:19 AM

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A mechanic who is so passionate in his profession that he buys heavy equipment on credit to work on in the forest in the mud.

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I will add, "and who works 7 days a week."
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I would add losing money doing the logging so he has to work a 2nd full time job just to pay for the logging career.
I'm looking for help all the shrinks have given up on me :o


Remember a career means a job for money, a hobby is what you do for fun and lose money while doing it, theres a difference and logging isn't a career its more of a hobby at best, the career is what you have to do to afford to have a hobby like logging.   


I remember in March of 1998, pulling out popple logs two at a time for $4 apiece. I could about make one two-log twitch per 2 hours with the '48 John Deere B. Sometimes a little better. Then the gas and such on top of all that-- but-- when I finally sold that wheeler load, that was money I couldn't get any other way because I couldn't find a job. It kept me busy and from going bonkers while trying to figure out what I was going to do next. I got $42 a cord that year. I learned a lot that spring.  My dad got his weeds pulled for free!  ;D
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It would be better if you could start out with a fortune.  Log until it is gone, and then retire.   ;)   :)
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