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boring bugs in white oak

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Hello, I have been looking around for a while now trying find out what bugs infect white oak logs.  I got some logs from my brother to mill and saw some bore holes through out portions of one log.  I actually sawed one larvae in half while milling.  the borer hole appears slightly larger the PPB holes and are not back filled with dust. The logs have been sitting for two years but still have a MC over 20%.  I live in MN and wondering what boring insects they are and if I should worry about stickering them near other air dried lumber.  Or, will they mature and go away to find other green high moisture wood. 
Thanks for response ahead of time.

Little white grub worms right? 

Yes, the half that was not cut up by the blade.

See em often but not sure what all they are. 

Are they only in green/wet lumber and once it dries they move on to other green wood.  My concern is whether to sticker it near my other air dried lumber or just get rid of it.  it was only one log and my space is limited.


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