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Going door to door and administering the vaccine

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How do you all feel about this?  I think this is wrong on so many levels, whats next 2nd amendment assault? 

Not sure how this won't become a political thread and get moved but will leave this here for now. 

As a strong Constitutionalist I disagree with the practice. Actually just had this discussion with my wife yesterday in regards to dealing with my father and his refusal of medical treatment at times. She wanted to know if we could force him. I explained to her that he has a right to refuse medical treatment, although there may be personal consequences as a result of that right and it's not a path we can turn down to change due to the slippery slope it becomes and this door to door is an example of where that path can lead. 

Thats something Id expect to hear about in Canada,  but even here I dont think that would work out. Sounds on par with something China would do. 

Going door to door and offering to facilitate access to the vaccine sounds fine, similar to the way mobile blood drives are organized to reach a segment of the population that's willing to donate, just not sure how or when.

Its definitely  not fine. Especially when pushing  a vaccine that is not FDA approved with possible  long term side effects. Yesterday  they were in talks with cellphone providers to read all texts  looking  for people  sharing side effects and talk about the vaccine. Social media is also removing posts about side effects now. Seems like they are hiding  something just like a communist  country. We can no longer  trust  the people in charge of this vaccine after reading recent news. I definitely  will not get a booster if it's  not FDA approved now. Send people  door to door to pass out voter I'd is what should be happening.


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