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Is it too late to mill this?

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Chainsaw newbie:
About a year ago I cut down a wild Cherry in my backyard with the intention of milling it. I cut it into 6, 8 foot logs, and sealed all of the endgrain with several coats of titebond. Since that day (10 months ago), it has been sitting outside covered with a tarp. I elevated it off the ground with several pieces of firewood so itís unlikely itís touching the ground anywhere. Did I screw up by leaving it so long without milling it? When I have it milled is it likely to have any rot or damage, or am I over reacting? For reference, I am likely to use this for small projects, cutting boards, coasters etc. Any responses are welcomed, Iím looking for some advice as I have never milled before. On that note, if anyone has a suggestion of someone in New Hampshire or even Massachusetts that could mill this for cheap, I would appreciate the suggestions. I could easily fit this in a Pickup truck and drive it to them in a few trips.

You may be ok. Iíd be more worried about the tarp trapping moisture than the time. 

Throw it up on the mill and see what you get.

Agreed - my guess is you lost some sapwood, but it's Cherry and you  really don't want the sapwood anyway.  

Without pictures of the wood there is no way to give a good response. You have the wood so put a saw to it and you will find out quick enough.



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