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Engine Faults on 525 Skidder Mod into a Face bolter


Glynn Doyle:
Hi All, looking for information on 525 Skidder Engine faults. Currently have a skidder we replaced a motor on 2 months ago and have found the last 2 engine oil samples are in critical. This originally had an overheating issue but was rectified on the last motor prior to it failing. There has been no fault codes on this unit with the new motor (changed 13.4.2021) and no power issues, but still doesn't look good. Our skidders are modified into Tunnel Face bolters. I have another bolter with a higher sodium content so leaning towards coolant leakage but Cat hasn't confirmed this or found any coolant issues.
Any info this forum can give would be appreciated. Thank you


The machines are modded into mining rigs?  

Is there a chance its related to environmental issues like mining dust getting in through breather vents or pcv or something of that sort?

It only takes a little glycol to ruin oil.  Have you pressure tested the coolant jacket on the other machine to look for leakdown into the crankcase?  The unit that was overheating and fixed.. What was the cure?  

Are all these machines running valvoline?  Have you tried other oil brands to see if that changes the sample?

I would email that to blackstone labs and ask their opinion. is another forum full of lube engineers who would love to dissect this. 

I do not know the composition of the egr cooler on the 7.1 but I believe they are stainless with  bronze braze.  Both copper and coolant can leach from the egr cooler . Probably should just go ahead and replace the egr cooler.  They a source of constant issue on the perkapiller in my experience.

Also it appears that copper level is decreasing on the last sample.  It might be normal for some leach to occur on new coolers and will decrease over time.  


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